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Solar Campus

Our Vision

We want to empower communities across Australia to come together and build energy projects for the benefit of their region. That means making it easy for communities to raise funds from their local members to invest in rooftop solar project, with earnings flowing directly back into the community via its members.

Community Funds Solar

Every member of the community can pool their money together and invest in a project from their local area via the Solar Campus platform.

Sell Solar Energy

Solar Campus will then manage the solar panel installation process on the roof of a local organisation, such as a school or hospital. Solar Campus will also create a power purchase agreement with the local organisation to buy the solar energy at a discount from normal grid electricity

Earn Solar Dividends

The money earned from selling solar energy to the local community organisation will regularly be sent back to the original investors as solar dividends. Supporters will also be helping lower the electricity bill of a local organisation and saving many tonnes of carbon emissions every year!

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